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Meet Marcela

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Hello! I’m Marcela Owen. I'm a health and prosperity coach.

I love connecting with people, living naturally and maintaining an active lifestyle. God's purpose for me is to empower people and help them reach their goals in health and life.


My passion is to support people who are ready to make a change, and want to increase energy, live a healthier lifestyle and accomplish any specific goal. I provide guidance, encouragement, accountability for anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves.  I have always been an advocate for healthy living with a passion to lift, encourage and stretch others for personal growth. 

When I made a decision to become a coach, I realized that I have been coaching countless people already throughout different outlets of my life. Today, I use different concepts and modalities in my coaching methodology, and my coaching knowledge to change people’s lives.

My purpose is to support as many people as I can to find their purpose, thrive and embark on their own unique journey to become the best version of themselves. My goal is to connect personally with every single person that I come across and build a strong relationship of trust, compassion and a safe place for people to open up and explore options to their best life as well as start a journey of transformation.

To your journey,




Let's Partner!

Every coaching session for each of my clients is different depending on individual purpose and goals, challenges, and motivation. You are unique and that’s why you need a personalized, custom made plan designed specifically for you. My goal for you is that you experience that “aha” moment when you realize that you are becoming the best version of you,  following God's calling, and implementing changes in your life that will last. And remember that when we take care of ourselves, we take better care of others.

My coaching supports you with:

  • God's Purpose for you

  • Communication

  • Life and Health

  • Increasing Energy

  • Finances

  • Prayer / Gratitude

  • Motivation

  • Mindset

If you want to...

Set up conditions for inevitable success

Discover your purpose & take action, and

Turn healthy habits into behaviors that last


...then my coaching transformation programs will

get you the results you want!

So you can...

Enjoy your life more

Support your loved ones

Gain more vitality

My goal is to uncover what you want for your life. The key to success when taking back your power is to implement a program that is sustainable, not rigid and strict. I want to teach you a lifestyle that is enjoyable and that morphs over time into what you want for your life.  We will also work on adjusting your mindset and beliefs which are very important components of implementing change in your life. 

The way we implement change, is by doing something different today (either small or big), but not wait till tomorrow! My goal is to provide you the right system, support and accountability to uncover and change whatever might be keeping you or holding you back in your journey! 

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So make yourself a priority and invest in yourself today

Let's partner to uncover your life's purpose and meet your health and life goals! 

Coaching Certifications

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Mastery Coach

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Health Coach

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Transformational Coach

How did I get here?

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My Struggles


Through my struggles with weight gain, thyroid imbalance, intestinal issues and lack of energy, I learned that coaching can propel someone to the next level and make adequate changes for a better life. I have my favorite health practitioners that I go to, my functional doctor, my wellness chiropractor, my fitness trainer, my nutritionist guru, but I found I needed more support than just an office consultation with a specialist.  While they encourage me, they typically don’t have the bandwidth to hold my hand, follow up with me regularly and ensure that I would follow their recommended protocol. That’s where coaching comes in, we all need an advocate to support us in navigating any changes in our lives. Add God and prayer in the mix and the results become exponential!

For the last few years, I’ve been looking for solutions to increase my energy, resolve my health conditions and feel my best. After dealing with several health issues, I knew I needed to find solutions that would not only help me with my conditions but make it sustainable and not invasive to my life.


Understanding how difficult it can be to make changes in one’s life and overcoming excuses about making changes, I realized that this is an area that we all struggle with. I couldn’t understand why if I was eating right and exercising, why I couldn’t lose weight, why I was still lacking energy. I didn’t understand that our bodies are very receptive and that everything around us affects us whether it’s physiological, psychological, stress-related, or even electromagnetic.


Today, I want to bring clarity to people like you, who are ready to make a change and meet your life goals and address any issues you may be dealing with so you can overcome your struggles and become the best version of yourself!

My Breakthrough

Now I’m on a roadmap to my best self in health, in body image, in the food choices I make and in meeting my goals overall. I realized that we must take care of ourselves in order to serve others. And  most importantly have a strong relationship with Jesus.


My goal is to live as healthy as possible but with a program that is sustainable and fun. Restriction and calorie counting doesn’t work for me, so I learned to change my mindset and focus on what I CAN have rather than what I can't have! It’s magical because when I combine that philosophy with my motivating factor as to WHY I’m choosing to take care of myself, I want to stick to my healthy lifestyle more and more. 


As a coach, my mission is to empower godly women to make a shift and create new habits, with new beliefs and a new sustainable lifestyle. My commitment is to offer support by incorporating powerful prayer, encourage a shift in behaviors and eating habits so you can live a healthier life. My coaching strategies suggest that you dive deep into your connection with God, and empower you to follow doable action steps to move you forward! 

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