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This is a Prayer Guide to inspire you to grow your relationship with God and to pray specifically about your life and health. 

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”
(3 John 1:2)


I believe God gave me the inspiration to create this prayer guide with powerful scriptures, and I believe it can change your life. If you want to make sustainable changes in your life and your health, I am certain that prayer and connection with Jesus will take you there. Remember to make your time with Jesus a consistent daily practice. The inspiration for this guide comes from my passion to share God’s Word and to educate people about health and wellness. I encourage you to read and study this guide to get closer to the Lord. I am certain that God has an amazing plan for you and your health, a plan that includes growing you as a Christian. The tips, prayers and scriptures in this guide are easy steps you can incorporate into your daily quiet time with the Lord. The Lord will speak to you through these scriptures and I pray that it will motivate you to get closer to Him and to take a step closer to reach your health goals. To your journey in Christ!

Prayer Guide

Optimize Your Health With Prayer -
A Prayer Guide with Powerful Scriptures to Invite God’s Favor to Your Health and Wellness

I created this prayer guide to help you connect your health and wellness with prayer and scriptures. The Word of God is the most powerful tool for direction and blessing from the Lord. Use this prayer guide every day to stay connected to God and grow your relationship with Him while focusing on your health.

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  • Give up an addiction

  • Nutrition for optimal weight

  • Heal a chronic condition

  • Reasons to increase energy

  • Self-love and gratitude

  • God’s purpose for your health

  • Joy in times of stress

  • Inspiration to exercise

  • Motivation for hydration

  • Sleep for restoration

The prayer sections include:

Each section of this digital prayer guide includes








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