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Healthy For The Holidays

Are you ready for pumpkin pie, cookies and eggnog?

Me too! But that doesn’t mean we have to eat a ton of junk food and sweets that are just not good for our bodies. I remember feeling so full after a holiday meal, grabbing extra sweets, carbs, that extra glass of wine… just because they are there, and having to unbutton my pants or wearing the yoga pants!

I thought, you may feel the same!

I want to help you control overeating through the holidays, but I know it will inspire you to keep going with healthy eating habits beyond the holiday season!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to manage over-indulging, but still feel like you are celebrating and enjoying the yummy holiday treats? And… also fit in your stylish clothes confidently!

You know how people wait till January to start resolutions?

I say, let’s pay attention to your health NOW instead of waiting till January and together we will focus on what we CAN have and how to eat and be merry without filling the belly, enjoy the holidays, and make it last all year long!

I am so excited about this program: Healthy Through the Holidays

And… I’m even offering it at a discount!

If you are interested in learning more email me or go to

The program includes:

· 4 Group weekly Zoom calls to learn exactly how to avoid overeating and cravings, to address challenges, and answer questions (Group will not exceed 10 ladies)

· Support, encouragement, prayer and Holy Spirit guidance on every call

· Daily communication via Voxer text, so you can reach out for support anytime!

· Program Booklet to show you step by step guidance on this plan to avoid cravings and overindulging. Includes: dealing with challenges, Q&A, recipes and more!

· Amazing gift box with awesome items to pamper yourself

· A special bonus to all ladies that join us: Health and Wellness Prayer Guide

This program is perfect for you if you:

· Have the habit of overeating and tend to gain a few pounds for the holidays

· Are not sure HOW to navigate cravings but you are ready to learn

· Are committed to make a change and want to control overeating for good

· Desire to celebrate the holidays in fun, healthy and satisfying ways

· Want to start your health journey NOW and make it sustainable for life

· Want to fit in your stylish holiday outfits confidently

Hope you join us!

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