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How To Balance It All!

Well, January is almost over, and the reality is that now more than ever we need to band together and support each other through these interesting times. As Christians, we are so blessed to have the chance to connect with others that have similar values.

Can you imagine going through life without the strength of God by our side? I sure can’t!

That is why I am excited to share what we have going on this week! C.S. Dorsey invited me as one of her guest speakers for Christianpreneur Summit!

This virtual event is meant to bring connection and hope to all our Sisters in Christ.

This is a FREE TWO-DAY SUMMIT, starting on January 28th that is packed full of wisdom and advice from 12 successful Christian Entrepreneurs on how to balance it all!

Christianpreneur Summit is for you if you want to hear about Faith, Family and Financial Freedom.

This event is packed with encouragement, inspiration and wisdom! Join us!

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