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Join this FREE online 4 Day Workshop for Christian women who want to overcome burnout, decrease stress and increase energy exponentially!

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Total Energy Transformation 

How to overcome burnout, decrease stress and increase energy exponentially

Hello my Sister in Christ!

Now is the time to OPTIMIZE your health and RECALIBRATE your life so you can give to others from a full heart and fulfill God’s calling!

Total Energy Transformation is a FREE online 4 Day Workshop with Marcela Owen, Christian Health and Life Coach to learn how to overcome burnout, release stress and increase your energy exponentially.

Can’t make the live event, no problem! All Workshops will be recorded and available to watch for the week.

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What you will learn in each workshop

And so you know that you are in great hands…


"Marcela motivated me to reach my goals: increasing energy, physical activity, lower stress levels, but she also provided me the tools to overcome personal issues I was going through at the time. I now feel energized and knowledgeable about my nutrition and handling my stress levels. Thank you, Marcela, for all your help!!

I would definitely recommend Marcela to anyone who needs support in order to meet their optimal health goals.” 

Victoria G. Canada


"Marcela helped me learn and understand that there is much more outside of work. She encouraged me to simply trust in the Lord. Marcela listens, she encourages, she inspires, and she challenges when necessary. In my life now, because of my work with Marcela, I became more optimistic, positive, and don’t let the small things get to me anymore. I love Marcela’s honesty, genuine heart, and passion.  I would absolutely recommend others to work with Marcela!"

Robin Y. California


“My life is very fast paced and I was stuck. What I love about Marcela’s Health Coaching is her focus on self-love, body positivity and how to create revitalizing self-care routines and body movement. The biggest breakthrough moment that Marcela was able to clear for me was that she showed me how I could enjoy success and yet not sacrifice my health! Marcela’s coaching was the perfect coaching for me. I was also inspired by the energy and passion.”

Maria L. California


“I was struggling with work stress and experiencing trouble sleeping and anxiety. I was impressed by Marcela’s warmth, knowledge and passion. After each session, daily posts and blessings, I felt more relaxed and I am now sleeping through the night. Feeling more motivated, empowered and spiritual. Thank you Marcela!”

Debi H.



If you BELIEVE that NOW is the time for YOU to have a


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Join the FREE Total Energy Transformation Workshop!

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